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Presumptive Drug Tests identify suspect narcotics and controlled substances and provide police agencies with quick results in

the field or lab. Convenient and easy-to use, Presumptive Drug Tests contain internationally accepted and specially designed reagents that produce a series of color reactions (indicators) to help the operator determine if a drug is positive for unknown or suspect material.

Drug Identification

Mistral Detection’s Explosive Detection and Identification Kits are designed for pre- and post-blast scenarios and include a wide range of detection capabilities. Mistral’s wet chemistry products are easy-to-use; simply WIPE, SPRAY/DROP and READ RESULTS. All products can be used both indoors and outdoors and in any weather condition. All Mistral wet chemistry products are highly sensitive with results appearing in just seconds. The detection/ identification process requires no technical background or

special training; testing can be performed “on-the-spot”.

Explosive Detection

Forensic Detection

Bergen Tattoo was founded by Kine Holmefjord in 2014.

Bergen Tattoo was founded by Kine Holmefjord in 2014.

Mistral Detection fingerprint visualization products do not replace latent print powders, but rather supplement that technology for use under special circumstances or unusual surface conditions such as wet, or porous, or oily surfaces. These products work on the salts, fats, or proteins left by fingerprints. Together, with traditional latent print technology, Mistral’s products give investigators a more complete capability to detect and visualize latent prints under most conditions.

Blast Containment

Mistral Detection Explosive Containment Vessels provide full protection against blast and fragmentation with repeated detonation capability. Some of the ARC models are Gas-Tight. The Blastsafe ARC Series is widely used by the Military EOD and Police Bomb Squads for safely containing and transporting explosive devices. The Gas-Tight models are capable of containing biological/chemical explosive threats.